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Farm Manager Sought for Hudson Farm in the Blackland Prairie, Montgomery, AL

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Farm Manager Sought for Hudson Farm in the Blackland Prairie, Montgomery, AL

JOB TITLE: Farm Manager
LOCATION: Hudson Farm, Montgomery, AL
START DATE: Immediate

Urban Villages, Inc. seeks a Farm Manager to establish and oversee Hudson Farm in the Blackland Prairie
of Montgomery, Alabama. The farm will be the showcase and backbone of Hudson, a planned new town
of 20,000 residents, and a national exemplar of sustainable urbanism. This is a unique opportunity to
establish a world-class sustainable agricultural operation.

Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:
• Collaborate in the development of business plans for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA),
direct sales, and pick-your-own business models
• Recruiting employees
• Oversee installation of infrastructure such as fencing, irrigation, roadways, and farm buildings
• Create and implement a long-term soil improvement program
• Establish and manage a small scale cut flower operation, pulsed-grazing livestock rotation,
greenhouse crop production program, field production of fruits and vegetables, and farm
• Maintain farm bookkeeping and accounting
• Oversee marketing efforts and community outreach efforts
• Oversee the planning of public events to be held at the farm
• Collaborate in the development of educational and recreational programs for children, adults,
and agro-tourists
Experience: Ideal candidates should have at least 3 years experience in organic farm operations. Past
experience should include managing and implementing crop, livestock, and poultry operations.
Knowledge of pulsed-grazing rotation and organic soil amendments are encouraged.

The farm is committed to the highest level of sustainability by maximizing the use of on-site resources
including alternative energy production, bio-fuels, collected and recycled water, and extensive composting
of organic matter. A grant from the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program has
been received to begin restoration of native grasslands with rotational livestock forage management in
early 2008. Ongoing education and community involvement will showcase the farm to Hudson and the
local community.

The Hudson community fosters connections among people and re-engagement with the natural world. It
embodies the very best principles and practices of land stewardship and town planning to honor and
integrate nature, local culture, and the built environment. Residents will create a dynamic spirit of
community and place through their everyday experiences at Hudson.

CONTACT Chad Adams
Urban Villages, Inc.
4171 Pike Road
Montgomery, AL 36064