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Dairy Goats for Immediate Sale - Elk Creamery, CA

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Dairy Goats for Immediate Sale - Elk Creamery, CA

The Elk Creamery is California's first and only certified organic goat dairy. It is located on the Demeter certified Biodynamic farm, Flowers by the Sea. Due to the less than favorable economy, we must reduce our herd of milking does, young does and breeding bucks. Most are grades, bred for good production and rich milk, along with hardiness, temperament, strong conformation, easy kidding and freedom from common diseases. Animals range in age from seven months to eight years, and almost all have their horns intact.

We are proud of the work we have done with these carefree beings, but must immediately reduce our animal population. We'd love to see them all go to BD farms where we can be assured of their ongoing care, but the reality is that we need to move quickly. Please call 707 877-1719 M-F during business hours, or email for additional information.