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Apprentices sought for farm in Vale do Paraiba region of Brazil

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Apprentices sought for farm in Vale do Paraiba region of Brazil

My wife, Lone Blichert-Hansen (Danish), and I (Canadian-British) recently purchased (in late May) a 319 hectare farm in the Vale do Paraíba region of Brazil. We are currently undergoing the organic certification process, accompanied monthly by a consultant from the Associação Brasileira de Agricultura Biodinâmica. After achieving organic certification, we will proceed with the biodynamic certification process.

The farm is surrounded by The Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlântica in Portuguese). The Atlantic Forest is unusual in that it extends as a true tropical rainforest to latitudes as high as 24°S. The Atlantic Forest is now designated a World Biosphere Reserve, which contains a large number of highly endangered species including the well known marmosets and lion tamarins.

We are preparing to raise pigs, sheep, cattle and medicinal herbs as well as to grow our own vegetables and fruits (we have already planted
78 fruit trees).

It is our intention to offer two apprenticeships (one Brazilian and one from outside Brazil) on a continual basis. Periods of training will vary from one to three months. We offer room and board (a self-contained apartment for the interns). This is a unique opportunity for a student to learn about the biodynamic certification process from the ground up, and also about biodynamic farming in a highland tropical environment.

You can read more about our project on our blog:

Contact: Rance Hesketh at