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Work and Learn Positions at Spoutwood CSA, Glen Rock, PA

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Work and Learn Positions at Spoutwood CSA, Glen Rock, PA

Spoutwood Farm Center, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational and community-supported agriculture farm in Glen Rock, PA (southern York County), is seeking highly motivated, highly qualified applicants for the following work-and-learn positions:

1) Two (2) Senior Apprentices/CSA Manager Trainees. This is an ideal position for a couple who are sure, or reasonably sure, they want to run a CSA, but would like a full season's experi­ence with an established CSA first. Typically, Senior Apprentices are college graduates or have similar levels of life experience. Previous farm or garden experience is strongly recom­mended: you will be expected to hit the ground running, learn by doing, and take responsibility for CSA operations quickly. Spoutwood Farm staff will be on hand to provide orientation, guidance, and answer questions, but you will be expected to quickly take responsibility for Spoutwood CSA's operations, including fieldwork, administration, and some supervisory responsibilities. Some involvement with other Farm activities – including Festivals and the Sustainable Living Institute – will also be included. Senior Apprentices receive a stipend, lodging in Dogwood House, and of course, free vegetables from the CSA gardens. There is a possibility that this position could become a full-time, year-round position for those with sufficient drive, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit!

2) Two (2) CSA Associate Apprentices. These are also full-season positions, but do not include quite the level of administrative and supervisory responsibility that the Senior Appren­tice/CSA Manager Trainee positions do. However, here again, Associate Apprentices are expected to take on significant responsibility early on in the season, and to work with – and, as appropriate, under the direction of – the Senior Apprentices to ensure the smooth running of Spoutwood CSA. Some involvement with other Farm activities – including Festivals and the Sustainable Living Institute – will also be included. CSA Associate Apprentices receive a stipend, and free vegetables, but cannot be guaranteed lodging on the Farm. We will endeavor to work with you to solve your lodging issues; camping, including camp trailers, may prove to be your best bet.

In neither case should "apprentice" be taken to mean being under the direct guidance of an individual mentor; one is apprenticing to the Farm and to the CSA concept, and learning by doing and/or independent research is the norm. However, as stated, Spoutwood personnel will be available to answer questions, provide or point to resources (print and online), and provide guidance (especially early in the season).

3) CSA Interns (number variable). CSA Interns are typically college students, or at least of college age, who are interested in experiencing community supported agriculture from the inside. Interns may assist with all aspects of CSA operations, but do not have the level of responsibility expected of Apprentices, and need not sign up for the full season. CSA Interns do not receive a stipend, but we will work with you to obtain credit at your college, if desired, and you will receive vegetables from the CSA gardens.

For all positions, a sense of dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm is essential. So is a sense of humor, and a willingness to adjust/adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and unexpected challenges. Note that all positions involve sometimes hard physical labor, usually outdoors, in a wide range of weather conditions! Willingness and ability to work well with others, including one's fellow apprentices & interns, permanent Spoutwood staff, CSA shareholders, and the general public is vital.

Contact Spoutwood Farm at 717-235-6610 or