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Seeking Information on Nutrient Content and Quality of Biodynamic Foods

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Seeking Information on Nutrient Content and Quality of Biodynamic Foods

I work at The Center for Discovery (, which is a private, non-profit agency in NY State caring for individuals with multiple disabilities, autism spectrum disorders and medical frailties. The emphasis on providing a healthy environment and healthy food to support the fragile health of these remarkable individuals is critical to our work with them. For that purpose we have a farm (Thanksgiving Farm), now Demeter certified, which produces a major part of the food we need. There are also Healing Gardens throughout the agency, producing medicinal and culinary herbs. To strengthen that work, we want to document the fact that food produced on a biodynamic farm has higher value in terms of nutrient content and also in term of quality (life forces) and that in influences health positively. In that way it can become a very objective position to the families, board members, State authorities and others. There is research that has been done and some is currently being done. There are people or institutes with that as their mission. I am looking for leads to get written documents and to reach out to people that can help with that essential question. Everything that goes from the soil quality to the food to the health and even comparing organic to biodynamic.

I thank you in advance for any lead you can pass on to me. Forward the request to whom you think could help. This is a matter in which we want to be active.

Jean-David Derreumaux
Farm and Healing Gardens consultant
Thanksgiving Farm
The Center for Discovery
Tel: 845 707 8391
Fax: 845 794 0093