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Biodynamic Farm community in Ecuador

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Biodynamic Farm community in Ecuador

I am looking for an experienced biodynamic farmer or family to help run my farm. Alternatively I am hoping to find a student who wants to work a cycle on a practicing biodynamic farm. We have biodynamic farmer with 43+ years of experience willing to assist and educate. The farm is nestled in a small valley with its own stream in the Andean mountains at 5500 feet. We experience a year long spring (60 to 80 F ) that allows us to farm the whole year. I have fifteen hectares that is made up of pastures, orchards and woods with a one hectare garden (hoping to expand this). We have shared land use agreements that allows access to another 500 hectares as well. We are close to the equator and grow a wide variety of vegetables, from tropical to the usual temperate varieties. We have over 60 varieties of fruit and nuts. We also have horses, chickens and an array of cats and dogs, and cattle (that belongs to our Biodynamic neighbor).
> We are well integrated into the local community and live a pretty natural life style with no electricity, phones or internet, although we are building a micro hydroelectric power plant and have an opportunity to get internet very soon. Composting outdoor 'toilets' is the rule. Most of our income comes from hosting WOOFERS and students (usually four to ten) and they are expected to work for several hours per day. As everything is hand done this is our main source of help. In return we provide an opportunity to experience a sustainable lifestyle in a caring atmosphere. Meals are shared communally with volunteers, some local help and anybody who happens to be visiting. Often we have conversations going on in two or three languages.
The farmer would be expected to manage the gardens and farm and work with the volunteers. We are trying to be self sustaining, most of the produce is for the farm, although there could be future income from produce sales. I am at the farm most of the time and help more with the organizing of food, lodging and general community activities. We are trying to build a community so there are opportunities for long term growth and commitment. I offer room and board and a monthly stipend, although modest quite adequate to live on. The housing is rustic but the location is beautiful and full of potential.
For further information please go to our website or contact me, Tina Marshall, at