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Help start a Bio-Dynamic farm in Stafford County Virginia

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Help start a Bio-Dynamic farm in Stafford County Virginia

Hey Folks! My name is Michael Green and I want to invite some folks to help start a Bio-Dynamic farm here in Stafford County Virginia just eight miles away from Fredericksburg Virginia. My girlfriend Kaitlin and I along with our friend and horse trainer Brittany have moved onto a piece of property that has a three bedroom house and a 13 stall barn that is nestled into a nicely fenced pastured and wooded fifty acre stretch of land here. We only occupy one of the bedrooms, and Brittany occupies another so that leaves room for another individual or a couple. In addition, I have a 22 foot 1996 RV camper that I can pull onto the lot in the spring for additional folks who may want to come then.
I am twenty nine years old and have been working on farms since I was 16 and Bio Dynamic farms in particular since I was 19. I feel confident that this community is ripe for a successful vegetable farming operation. It already has some small organic farm activity but nothing too substantial as of yet. However, every so often we find in the local news, articles about going green, eating local and about eating organic food in particular so as I was saying my local community is on the cusp of realizing this and that is where WE come in. Whether selling direct to restaurants, grocers, the various local farmers markets or using the Community Supported Agriculture method of marketing or a mix of all of the above and whatsoever else I know that the community is ready to support and enjoy the work.
I also feel confident in spear-heading the beginning of such a farm but I would also be happy to receive the support of others who are just as qualified as myself ( or more so) to do the same and share the responsibility and joys of such and undertaking with me. I also would be happy to have new comers to the farming world come join us and begin to learn about the trade of raising vegetables for their communities as well as the care of farm livestock and of the whole farm organism itself with all that that does entail.
It doesn't matter, the position and history of a person, so much as the interest and heart of folks to be a part of such a project.I will briefly describe a few goals of our project, however, please drop me a line if you would like to find out more about this proposal and about the area and the farm itself. We want to take advantage of the barn to house our four horses and some cows ( to be purchased ASAP ), which are an integral part of the Bio-Dynamic farm organism, providing life, fertility,and edible resources among other things as well as burros and so on as we collect them. Chickens and other animals will be a part of the project as well. A small recession on the farm that is several feet deep and many feet wide (and is currently holding all of our recent rain water) may be turned into a pond with ducks for instance!
Vegetable production will be the main money making objective and source of income on this farm.
I have a nice TC-35 New Holland tractor to help with the pasture maintenance and with the growing of the food. Well that's the basics. I don't want to take up any more space so let me know if you want to learn more. Contact us at -