Chris Boettcher, together with his wife Gabriele and their 5 children (ages 11 to 23), operates a 500-acre mixed biodynamic farm in Ontario, Canada. He grew up on a small farm in Germany and immigrated to Canada in 1978. After finishing his diploma in agriculture at the University of Guelph, he worked in New Zealand on a large sheep farm before coming back to the home farm in 1983. Soon he experimented with incorporating ecological farming practices into conventional agriculture. After putting their first-born child on a completely organic diet, his severe environmental allergies cleared up completely. After this experience they converted the entire farm to Biodynamic, and they have been certified with Demeter Canada since 1996. Today they grow grains, beans, and forages using a six-year rotation and raise aproximately 550 lambs with their 350-ewe sheep flock.