I was born in Switzerland, during WW2. My parents moved to Zurich where I had this most wonderful opportunity to attend the Zuerich Waldorf School (or Rudolf Steiner School, as it is called in Switzerland). After my apprenticeship as a welder and roofer, I attended commercial school and graduated with a Commercial Degree. I married in 1966 and left Switzerland for Canada in 1968. I spent two years in Toronto as car salesman then, I was transferred to Vancouver in 1970 where I took over the branch of a Steel Company. Together with friends, I started the Vancouver Waldorf School for my two children. I the same year I founded Life Stream Natural Foods. In 1973 I bought a farm close to Vancouver and practiced BD farming on 60 acres of land. It was here hwere I incorporated The Bio-Dynamic Farming and Gardening Society of British Columbia with a group of about 15 gardeners and farmers. In 1976 I enrolled at Emerson College (BD farming school and thereafter Waldorf teacher training) and also. In 1981 I got my pilot's licence at Biggin Hill, Kent, England.

For five years I worked as a teacher at Michael Hall, Waldorf School, Forest Row, Sussex, England and  returned to Vancouver in 1981. Here, I helped to build up the Vancouver Waldorf High School. I spent a few years in Vancouver and in 1994 incorporated C-Dar World Forest Foundation in order to give forestry a new impetus. In the following years I established a forestry and Bio-Dynamic Centre in Paradise Valley where I am still active, keeping a few cows and horses. I am making all Bio-Dynamic Preparations and I am trying to understand the world of the Devas, Nature Spirits, Gnomes, Undines, Sylphs and Salamanders. There is a vast world of entities beyond the mere physical that need to be nourished. I am trying to find a way of bringing such an understanding closer to those who are interested in it. For that purpose, I am teaching courses in those subjects.
Ferdinand Vondruska