Jean-Paul Courtens and his wife Jody Bolluyt own and operate Roxbury Farm, which was founded in 1990. Today, Roxbury Farm is a 375-acre diversified operation in Kinderhook, New York, producing vegetables, hay, beef, lamb, chicken, and pork. Since 1991 the farm has been a CSA and has grown to serve over 1,400 families spread out between New York City, Westchester County, Columbia County, and the Capital District. Jean-Paul is a graduate of Warmonderhof in the Netherlands, a four-year school providing training in biodynamic agriculture.

Jean-Paul is considered a pioneer leader in the CSA and organic movement. In 1994, he co-founded CRAFT (Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farm Training) to improve the experience of farm apprentices. In 2000, in association with Equity Trust, he and Jody helped develop a model ground lease that protects the Roxbury farmland through a combination of a conservation easement and a re-sale restriction to ensure that the farm will always be in the hands of small farmers. In the off-season they frequent farming conferences across the country, providing workshops and keynotes on a variety of topics. Jean-Paul helped to create a planning manual on “Crop Rotations on Organic Farms” as part of the Northeast Organic Network. Their own manuals on crop and soil management (available for free at the Roxbury Farm website) are used as a reference by many CSA and other organic vegetable farmers.