Venice Williams is the executive director of SeedFolks Youth Ministry in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has been working through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Greater Milwaukee Synod, for 23 years. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Venice's love of the land orginates from her Choctaw roots, her African American heritage, and her grandmothers' and mother's love of gardening.

She is also the Director of Alice's Garden, a two-acre urban farm and community garden that works with inner-city families, teaching them to grow their own food, to love and respect the land, and to be caretakers of Creation. Alice's Garden offers 12 programs that invite the community to explore the relationships between, culture, food, and health. In addition, she teaches Women's Rites of Passage courses, based on the four seasons, helping women to understand their life's journey by exploring the cycles of the seasons. She believes that "everything you need to know about life, you can learn from the natural world."