My formal education did not include farming but rather archaeology and sociology. However, the love and wonder of nature was alive in me as a young child. I can remember observing my father from a second story window in our home in San Francisco as he tended to his roses and rhododendrons. I could "sense hear" the conversation weaving between him and the garden. Then there was my grandfather with whom I slept under the stars by the Weber creek every summer. The night embraced us and the star mysteries filled my dreams. By day we went to the meadow and sat in silence in harmony with the deer and the nature spirits.

My eyes and heart were opened to many different cultures of the world as we travelled extensively during my grade school years. I was touched by the indigenous peoples of Mexico and returned there after leaving my family. I spent about 5 years in Mexico, Central and South America. The greater part of my time was in the Peten jungle bordering Belize. I felt renewed and ready to return to North America after having immersed myself in the daily experiences of  Mayan culture. Each day was a celebration of gratitude to the Mother and growing awareness of the Circle of All.

Upon my return to the US I became a realtor and sold ranch property for a few years. This served me later as I became familiar with the countryside of Northern California. I knew I wanted to settle and live in the area.

I spent 5 years in New York developing and marketing an Italian food product line. This was a time of travel, demonstrations at major food shows and stores and education on wise food choices. Achieving my financial goals, I returned to find my home in Sebastopol, California.

I married in 1993 and had a daughter in 1994. It was through choosing Summerfield Waldorf School and Farm for my daughter's education that I was to meet a very special farmer who inspired and encouraged everyone. I took up the Agriculture Class he so generously facilitated and immediately began to practice the suggestions offered.

In 2004, after divorcing, I sensed a call to truly take on the role of steward of our 6 acre site and have for the last 10 years with an unequivocal "yes!". The ensuing development of the land began by intuiting the chakras of the land which helped to guide the placement of the various realms of activity such as the barn, the green house and the gardens etc. There was an informing through form that took place and the name Sophia's Garden was given to me. This was clearly revealed through the shaping of the gardens.

With great gratitude to Rudolph Steiner for awakening humanity to the light of Biodynamics, to Zarathustra the father of agriculture and of star wisdom and to Sophia, the Wisdom that underlies Nature.