What about biodynamics is important to you?

Responses from a survey of Biodynamic Association members

It brings a "sacred" and conscious connection to the act of farming.

Biodynamics is important to me because it offers me a way, not known to me before, of participating in and consciously influencing the life processes in nature such that harmonious and healing forces can unfold for the Earth and humanity.

... the best solution for better nutrition and the health of the people as well as the health of the Eart and stabilization of the climate.

The spiritual aspect and the feeling of healing the Earth and the Earth healing me in return. Creating a place that recognizes that everything in nature is alive and sacred.

I think the image of working completely within a system and using all of the inputs and outputs is essential and should be replicated throughout other parts of our lives. This cyclical process creates little waste and forces us to think of creative solutions.

It's sort of like realizing your humanity through agriculture. It seems like more and more young people go to work at an organic farm in pursuit of this ideal. A lot could be said of that ... but the stricking factor about biodynamics, for me, is that it satiates the human spirit and its need for a relationship with the life we interact with.

Biodynamics is an alternative to other ways of relating to the earth. The industrial model is very flawed; even the organic model can be basically extractive. I like that biodynamics considers everything.

I feel that humanity has lost our spiritual connection with the Earth which sustains us, and it is very important that we tune back into the natural rhythms of Earth & the Cosmos. Everything is connected. When we honor the Earth & the natural rhythms, we honor ourselves. This is where true healing begins.

I have seen the principles work as a means to heal the farmer, land, Earth, Cosmos.

It has expanded my understanding of agriculture and how man can work with nature to evolve a healthier way of living. It is very practical (earthy) and spiritual (cosmic). I like that balance. It has changed my life.

I have a strong desire to heal our lands for future generations. I have a strong interest in learning to grow my own vital foods for myself and family. I love the concept of gardening with the Cosmos. I am looking forward to learning how to counteract the issues of our day, i.e. radiation, EMFs, GMOs, pesticides, etc.

It allows an enlivened relationship to nature, soil, plants, animals and humans that is modern and creative, and provides great results.

Creates an intentional commitment and relationship with the Earth.

Biodynamics provides me with hope and answers in a world seemingly gone mad. Rudolf Steiner's spiritual insights fill the void created by materialistic thinking. Biodynamics can heal the earth and the human race through spiritual insight and nutrition that can feed body, mind, and soul.

It makes sense ... in our world we often take the path of least resistance, not the path which feels right or makes the most sense.

It's important to me because it shows a great example of how we as humans can coexist within nature compared to the over-advertised conventional method.

It teaches you the importance of giving back to the Earth, giving back to the plants, and to keep consciousness of the spiritual journey involved. When you know better, you do better.