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Mail: PO Box 557, East Troy, WI 53120 (contact individual staff for specific mailing information)

Telephone: (262) 649-9212 (see below for individual extensions)

Georgie Donovan

Donor Communications, Fundraising, and Evaluations

Zionville, NC | x1

Kaitlin Downs

Partnerships, Conference Organizer, and Community Engagement Coordinator

Fond du Lac, WI (link sends e-mail) | x9

Raphael Guzman

Biodynamic Education, Special Events Organizer and Social Justice Steward

Portland, OR (link sends e-mail) x13

Zachary Krebs


Portland, OR

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Anna McAvoy-Emrick

Finances and Operations

Holt, MI (link sends e-mail) | x4

Anthony Mecca

Farmer Training

Morris, NY (link sends e-mail) | x14

Kerri Quinlan


Portland, OR (link sends e-mail) |

Grace Stepanova

Journal Coordination, Scholarships, Spanish-language support

Duvall, WA (link sends e-mail) |