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New webinars and courses will be added regularly as developed. You can also purchase recordings of past webinars below.


The following webinar recordings are available for puchase. After checking out, you will receive a link and a special code to view the recording on your device. Please contact members@biodynamics.com for support if you have an issue accessing your recording.

Other Distance-Learning Resources

Biodynamic Foundations Training Program

The Biodynamic Foundations Training Program is a hands-on, holistic approach to farmer education.

  • Explore the practice of biodynamics with individualized support from an experienced biodynamic mentor farmer.

  • Apprentice on an established biodynamic mentor farm or implement biodynamics on the farm or garden you manage.

  • Work with a cohesive learning curriculum of short readings, experiential exercises, and lively conversation spaces.

Demeter USA: Biodynamic Farm Standard

For those farmers wanting to spend some time walking through the seven principles of the Demeter Biodynamic Farm Standard, for farm apprentices and students, or anyone for that matter who wants to learn more about what it takes to be a Demeter certified farm, Demeter USA offers comprehensive presentations on their Farmer Training page (link is external).

Artwork by Sara Parrilli saraparrilli.com

This course (link is external) explores the wisdom and practice of Rudolf Steiner’s indications for biodynamic agriculture and nutrition. Each month’s lesson offers practical, experiential, and artistic exercises, alongside inner development exercises and individualized tutoring. Participants can begin any time and work at their own pace. The twelve lessons cultivate our capacities to perceive, experience, and work morally with the dynamic activity of life in soil, plants, animals, the human being, and the cosmic atmosphere in which we are embedded. 

EduCareDo Foundation Course in Anthroposophy (link is external)

The EduCareDo Foundation Course provides the foundations of Anthroposophy within 26 lessons over the course of a year (one lesson every two weeks). It is a self-directed distance learning course based on the principal ideas of Rudolf Steiner, called Anthroposophy or Spiritual Science.

Participants can begin any time and work at their own pace.

Anthroposophy sheds light on understanding the physical, soul and spiritual aspects of the human being and its relationship to the other kingdoms of nature - from the soil, plants, animals, elements, ethers and right out to the cosmos.