Why does membership matter?

1. Our members are the foundation of the Biodynamic Association and make it possible to keep doing the many things we do: from farmer training, to local, regional and North American conferences, to providing webinars and online courses, to publishing the Biodynamics journal and other online resources, to supporting biodynamic research.

2. Membership is also about our collective power as a community. By joining together—truly associating—we demonstrate to the wider world the vitality of biodynamics and its healing power to meet the crises facing food and agriculture today.

3. Finally, membership provides great benefits:

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Message from a Member

"I am a proud member and supporter of the BDA. Here’s why: More than ever it’s so important to keep the sound biodynamic principles alive and part of the conversation on the future of our food. It’s critical to support farmer training in a truly holistic way, and one of the BDA's core programs does just that. Lastly, I am deeply grateful for how biodynamics continues to shape and inspire my personal biography."

— Steffen Schneider, Hawthorne Valley Farm, NY

Message from a Member

"I am deeply thankful to the Biodynamic Association for being a powerful national catalyst helping to bring strong future oriented impulses into the agricultural community, in the sustainable and the organic realms, and then beyond in the conventional. The Association asks us to understand what is really happening in our soil, in our water, in our air, in our climate; asks us to understand the true movement of the economics that moves resources from the farm to the community and back again; asks us to understand the healing forces that our farms give to communities and they then return. The Biodynamic Association leads, and together we can work to truly bring life abundantly to our earth. Let us all with gratitude give our support through participation, through membership, and through our donations."

— Dorothy Hinkle-Uhlig, Alabama