Membership Levels and Benefits

You may use this page to join or renew at any level, at any time!

Biodynamic Association membership is on a sliding scale, with great benefits for each range of annual dues. Please give as generously as you can, knowing your contribution supports the future of the biodynamic movement.

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Soil Builder


Online journal subscription: online access to our quarterly journal, Biodynamics

Invitations to engage through surveys and testimonials

Biodynamic Directory: list yourself in, and search, our online directory

Discounts: 10% off webinarsconference and other events; 

Resources and articles: stay in the know and up to date on all things biodynamic

Author and member conversation salons and skillshares: engage, connect, share, and learn alongside other members

Seed Sower


All the above benefits

Print journal subscription (mailed within the US): online and print versions of our quarterly journal, Biodynamics

Discounts: 20% off our webinars, conference and other events; 15% off SteinerBooks purchases

Compost Maker


All the above benefits

Print journal subscription (mailed worldwide): online and print versions of our quarterly journal, Biodynamics

Access to recorded author conversations: featuring Biodynamics contributors 

Land Steward


All the above benefits

Public recognition of your support (optional)

Earth Champion


All the above benefits

Invitation to Givers Gathering

Business or Community Partner


All the above benefits

Listing on Business and Community Partners page

Lifetime Member


All of the above benefits for the rest of your lifetime!

For those wishing to make a long-term commitment to the Biodynamic Association, Lifetime Membership includes all of the above benefits for the rest of your life, plus unique opportunities to engage with the BDA and other Lifetime Members help co-create our future work. 

Invite a friend into the Biodynamic Association by giving the gift of membership!

To set up or renew a gift membership, please fill out our Gift Membership form. If you have any questions, please email or call us at 262-649-9212 x 2.

Who We Are

The Biodynamic Association (BDA) awakens and enlivens co-creative relationships between humans and the earth, transforming the practice and culture of agriculture to renew the vitality of the earth, the integrity of our food, and the health and wholeness of our communities. 

We are a participatory, membership-based nonprofit organization that works to nurture the North American biodynamic movement as a diverse, collaborative, and thriving ecosystem.  We aim to incubate strong leadership in the biodynamic community; grow the community of biodynamic farmers, ranchers, gardeners, and land stewards; communicate the powerful vision of biodynamics and the potential it holds for the Earth; and nurture the deep spiritual roots and insights of biodynamics.

Biodynamics is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food, and nutrition. Biodynamics is rooted in the work of philosopher and scientist Dr. Rudolf Steiner, whose 1924 lectures to farmers opened a new way to integrate scientific understanding with a recognition of spirit in nature. Biodynamics has continued to develop and evolve over the past century through the collaboration of many farmers and researchers. Around the world, biodynamics is alive in thousands of thriving gardens, farms, vineyards, ranches, and orchards. The principles and practices of biodynamics can be applied anywhere food is grown, with thoughtful adaptation to scale, landscape, climate, and culture.

The Biodynamic Demeter Alliance, formerly known as the Biodynamic Association, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, EIN 14-1377504. Your membership gift is tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.