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Reimagining Agriculture Through Gratitude

By Anthony Mecca: How can we reimagine agriculture to serve health and healing; to rebuild community, social, and economic relationships; and to honor and care for the gifts of the earth and all her inhabitants?

Posted on Jun 5, 2024

Ruth Tschannen: Bringing Biodynamics to Urban Spaces

By Michael Roboz: Celebrating Ruth Tschannen, who brought biodynamics to urban spaces in Vancouver, British Columbia, and inspired her community.

Posted on Abr 1, 2024

Meeting Spring Anew

By Anthony Mecca: As wonderful as we may think spring is or will be, it often isn’t an easy time. Many times it is less an arrival, and more a journey akin to rebirth with accompanying labor pains. Spring is a time when what lives within us, and within the earth, as aspirations and ideals, remeets the wider world with its needs, practicalities, and endless potential.

Posted on Mar 29, 2024

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