Learn about Biodynamics

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Learn from leading educators, explore the principles and practices of biodynamics, and build communities of support among peers through webinars and online courses.

Join hundreds of farmers, gardeners, educators, students, business people, and more from across the US—and beyond—during our 2024 Online Biodynamic Conference. More information coming soon!

Get to know biodynamics from the inside out with the Biodynamic Foundations Training Program, which combines hands-on, practical work with a mentor with integrated learning elements and a cohort-based weekly classroom component.

Connect with others in your region for on-farm trainings, regional groups gatherings, study groups, and more.

Check out ongoing programs across the US offering education and training in biodynamic agriculture and related topics.

Deepen your understanding of biodynamic agriculture through presentations, conversation, exercises, artistic activities, practical work, and farm visits, August 5-9 in the Hudson Valley, NY.