Michigan Forms a New Biodynamic Regional Group

Posted on Aug 7, 2020

By Anna McAvoy-Emrick

An exciting development in the state of Michigan in 2020 has been the formation of a new biodynamic regional group! Over fifty people have signed up as part of the group’s communication list, and each of two virtual meetings have included 8-10 people, bringing new life to biodynamic practice in Michigan.

The idea to form a group in Michigan came about at the 2019 Biodynamic Conference, where a handful of Michiganders dreamed together about a supportive network for local biodynamic learning and hands-on application. From there, a small group brought these ideas into fruition and contacted people known to reside in Michigan and already active with biodynamics.

The initial meeting was scheduled to take place in person in late April, which was then canceled due to the pandemic. In June, the first virtual meeting brought...

BDA & Demeter USA Q&As

Posted on Jul 29, 2020

As we announced in June, the boards of directors of the Biodynamic Association (BDA) and Demeter USA have voted to initiate a process to bring our two organizations together into one new organization: the Biodynamic Demeter Association.

The Land That Feeds Us

Posted on Jul 9, 2020

By Janet Gamble: Farming is a cultural act.

Biodynamics, Social Justice, and Rudolf Steiner's Agriculture Course

Posted on Jun 30, 2020

How do we grow food that nourishes the whole human being, and communities, in body, soul, and spirit?

Honoring Hugh Courtney

Posted on Jun 25, 2020

Hugh Jordan Courtney passed the threshold quietly in his sleep on June 15, 2020, at the noble age of 87 in Woolwine, Virginia. Hugh was a man of great feelings and high standards. He entered the world on Friday, July 8, 1932, in Cook County, IL. Little did anyone know at the time how much land this one man’s work would heal.

Definitivamente, lo volvería a vivir - I Would Do It All Again

Posted on Jun 18, 2020

Definitivamente, lo volvería a vivir.

[English below]

Mi nombre es Alvaro Javier Rodas Sierra, tengo 23 años de edad y soy estudiante de agronomía en la universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. Desde que era pequeño gracias a mía familia tuve la suerte de poder estar en contacto con la naturaleza, estar en harmonía con ella. Conforme fui creciendo este gusto fue aumentando y es una de las razones por la cual decidí estudiar agronomía. Durante la carrera pase por varias asignaturas en las cuales me enseñaban fertilizar, regar, combatir enfermedades para así poder obtener cultivos eficientes.

Sin embargo, siempre tuve la inquietud de aprender más y escogía asignaturas de agricultura orgánica. Me di cuenta de que esta manera podía obtener alimentos mucho mas saludables y así mismo era mas amigable con el ambiente. Esto me motivo cada vez más a...

Cultivating Justice and Healing

Posted on Jun 8, 2020

Dear friends,

The deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbrey, and George Floyd are the most recent of many Black lives that have been taken as a result of the institutional racism, anti-blackness, and culture of white supremacy that are woven into all aspects of our society. We recognize and express our condolences to the families and communities that have experienced profound loss due to systemic racism and anti-black sentiments permeating throughout our nation.

As an organization committed to renewing the health and wholeness of our communities through biodynamic agriculture, we know that racism has been bound to agriculture in the United States from colonial times to the present and that transforming the practice and culture of agriculture must include addressing the historical and contemporary injustices faced by our fellow human beings.

The deep need for...