An inaugural offering of the Biodynamic Research Group, an ad hoc group of gardeners, farmers, and scientists interested in research on biodynamics

How can one begin to understand the mysterious life quality of the soil and how it manifests through time?

All are invited to participate in this shared exploration by making observations of their garden or farm soils on a monthly basis over the course of a growing season with a specific protocol. The goal is to gain a better understanding of the mysterious life quality of the soil and for you to build capacity to observe the inner quality of soil life.

Details of the specific observation protocol are here.

Watch the project introduction/Q&A webinar recording to hear researcher Walter Goldstein describe the project and method below.



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Would you like to participate in the "Experiencing the Life Quality of Our Soils" shared project? Please let us know by filling out this form. The information you provide in the form will be sent to the Biodynamic Research Group. You can also join the project's discussion group here, where you can connect with other participants and share your soil's stories with others.

We look forward to your participation in this experiment with us.


For the Biodynamic Research Group Steering Committee,

Walter Goldstein, Mike Biltonen, Patricia Frazier, Ryan Herring, Barry Lia,

Stewart Lundy, Dewane Morgan, Guy McCarthy