A case study webinar recording

with Delmar McComb and Carin Fortin

Thursday, May 30

7:00-9:00 pm ET

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Working with farming and gardening offers an abundance of challenging situations for which we are asked to find a healing remedy. Many times we may feel "stuck," unable to understand what is needed and how to act. Bringing the issue into conversation can bring a helpful change in approach and perspective. Our work in this webinar will look at a practical case from a farm/garden using a method that can be used for a variety of situations—from plant development and animal husbandry to social and economic issues. You are invited to practice it during the session if you wish so you can more readily use it for your own situations.

This method uses a conversational approach that helps participants move from analytical thinking seeking information-based "answers" to an inquiry-based approach that helps creative images reflecting the wholeness of the living world inspire our activity in finding and administering remedies. It is useful in working with acute situations and long-term health care for our farms and gardens as well as building our own inner capacities to more readily meet all of our life situations.

Carin Fortin, herb farmer, herbalist and teacher, is a member of the Circle of representatives at the Goetheanum Section of Agriculture and serves on the Council of the Agriculture Section North America. She is also active in the Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay Anthroposophical Society branch and as BDANC (Biodynamic Association of Northern California) member where she served as newsletter editor and core group member for many years. Together with her partner, Delmar McComb, she started and runs Blossom’s Biodynamic Herb Farm in Aromas, California. Blossom’s Herb Farm grows and value adds a wide variety of medicinal and edible plants into skincare and wellness products – some inspired by Carin’s family’s tradition, a lineage of naturopaths, in particular her grandmother, who founded a colon hydrotherapy wellness spa in 1928 in Switzerland, where Carin was born.

Delmar McComb has been a student of Biodynamic Agriculture and Anthroposophy for over 30 years. He is co-owner with his partner Carin Fortin of Blossom's Farm, an integrated biodynamic farm which grows and processes herbs, vegetables into medicines, body care items, and nutritional powders. For years, he was Director of a large wholesale plant nursery in California with the plants sold and shipped throughout the West Coast. While there, he developed the only Demeter Certified Biodynamic line of nursery plants available from a commercial nursery in the country. He is also an active member of the Agriculture Section of North America, a board member of the Biodynamic Demeter Alliance, and is active in the Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay Anthroposophical Society branch. Delmar is also an operatic tenor, having performed many leading roles with opera companies over the past 25 years.