BDA Executive Director Thea Maria Carlson talks with Megan Durney, Head Gardener at the Pfeiffer Center in Chestnut Ridge, NY. Join Megan on November 24 at the 2019 Biodynamic Conference, "Cultivating Relationships: Earth, Cosmos, Community" for a keynote presentation "Relating Within the Being of the Farm Individuality," as well as workshops on compost and biodynamics in movement.

"How much I'm learning each year as a farmer has been immense. I think through the art and practice of biodynamics, the reality that the relationships between the plants, the animal, the earth, and the human is really where the farm individuality lives and is alive. To cultivate these relationships really takes space and effort. I'm just waking up to the realities of how do we approach these relationships. What I've learned in the last 5 years or so is this essential element of gratitude..."

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