Cocreating a New, Inclusive, and Cohesive Biodynamic Organization

By the Unification Nucleus Group: As we begin the new year, we are excited to be witnessing and participating in the cocreation of a new entity that has been long in the making—97 years after Rudolf Steiner gave the Agriculture Course in Koberwitz, 83 years after the founding of the Biodynamic Association in the U.S., and 36 years after the founding of Demeter USA and the Josephine Porter Institute.

Salima Taylor Shares the Value of Scholarships

Salima Taylor
In preparing for the Online Biodynamic Conference, the time is perfect for making a small (or large!) gift to the Biodynamic Scholarship Fund. Salima Taylor, after receiving scholarship funds to attend the 2019 conference, has found a healing way forward during this tough year.

BDA & Demeter USA Q&As

As we announced in June, the boards of directors of the Biodynamic Association (BDA) and Demeter USA have voted to initiate a process to bring our two organizations together into one new organization: the Biodynamic Demeter Association.

Honoring Hugh Courtney

Hugh Jordan Courtney passed the threshold quietly in his sleep on June 15, 2020, at the noble age of 87 in Woolwine, Virginia. Hugh was a man of great feelings and high standards. He entered the world on Friday, July 8, 1932, in Cook County, IL. Little did anyone know at the time how much land this one man’s work would heal.