Saturday, November 19, 2016 -
2:00pm to 3:30pm


Santa Fe Convention Center Santa Fe , NM

Event Description

When biodynamic agriculture began almost 100 years ago, Steiner suggested that the doctors work closely with the farmers. This wasn’t only because food was seen as important to human health or that farmers could be potential producers of medicines. The farm individuality, the central image of a biodynamic farm, is modeled after the human individuality. The forces that go into the make-up and life of the human being as microcosm are the same forces (although modified) that go into the make-up and life of our farm as macrocosm. Whereas health care practitioners meet their patients as fellow human beings, treating them from “outside,” farmers are “walking around in the belly of their farm” and are an active part of the farm individuality. Farmers can work as participatory health care practitioners within the being of the farm. This workshop will look at the parallels between human and farm health primarily through the use of the biodynamic preparations as the endocrine gland system for the farm, helping to regulate and balance all the different systems that are at work within a farm.

Prerequisite: working knowledge of biodynamic principles and practices, including the preparations.