Rethinking Agriculture

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Long-Term Dairy Lease Opportunity in SE Wisconsin

Turn-key certified organic dairy available for a long-term lease in SE Wisconsin. The land is owned and protected by Yggdrasil Land Foundation, a national land trust, with an agricultural conservation easement held by the Geneva Lakes Conservancy. There are 450 acres, all very productive soils. 240 acres are fenced with improved lanes and a pasture watering system. Seeking motivated, committed, and skilled dairy graziers, who will continue to maintain and improve this beautiful dairy farm. 

The Farmer as Economic Artisan, by Jeff Schreiber (Apr. 4): Plenty of artists create works of art about farms, and there are surely many farmers who are also painters, poets or musicians. Many farms, even, offer artist-in-residency programs so that artists can create and be inspired in a beautiful and simple environment, away from the cares of the real world. But what about the act of farming as art, or the farm itself as an actual work of art?

Reflections on the Biodynamic Winter Intensives, by Jonathan Code (Mar. 14): I landed back in the UK from the recent Hawthorne Valley winter intensives to find a real buzz in the UK biodynamic world sparked by a royal endorsement for biodynamics. HRH Prince Charles recorded a ten-minute video that was shown at an Italian biodynamic conference in mid-February, and links to that video were landing in my inbox from all directions....

Benefits of a Biodynamic Education, interview with Brad Miller (Feb. 11): Abbot Hill in Wilton, New Hampshire, is home to High Mowing School, a Waldorf boarding high school, and Temple-Wilton Community Farm, one of the first community supported agriculture (CSA) programs in the U.S. Also nearby is the Yggdrasil Land Foundation, an agricultural land trust committed to protecting biodynamic farmland. The result of such close proximity has been an extraordinarily collaborative project between High Mowing, which purchased farmland adjacent to its campus, and Yggdrasil, which purchased the conservation easement rights....

2016 Celestial Planting Calendar, by Rosemary Taylor (Jan. 28): Calendar making, by its very nature implies basic assumptions, one of which is that it conditions our way of thinking and doing....


In Memory of Devon Strong

By Wali Via: Devon Strong was a biodynamic farmer, buffalo rancher, sweat lodge water pourer, sheep shearer, and father. But those are just labels. Those fortunate to have spent a little time with him knew him as a wise soul, a kind man, a humble teacher, and a person who lived by prayer finding guidance in his connection to Spirit and the world around him.

He died on November 23 when his hand slipped while carving a feather from a buffalo bone. Somehow it was a fitting way for him to go. One of the important focuses of his life work was learning how to kill in a holy way, respecting the group soul of the animal with immense gratitude and respect. Read more.


Managing an Organization Like a Biodynamic Farm

By Thea Maria Carlson (Kosmos, Nov. 3): A commercial industrial farm is a machine, but a biodynamic farm is a living organism. Guided by ecological, ethical and holistic principles, biodynamic farmers work to bring all the elements of their farms — crops, livestock, compost, soils — into right relationship, so that they balance and support each other, creating a self-sustaining whole. The Biodynamic Association is the oldest sustainable agriculture organization in North America, and throughout our 77-year history we have sought the evolutionary edge in farming. We have also questioned how we might manage our nonprofit membership association more like a biodynamic farm — more like a living organism. Read more.