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Rethinking Agriculture

Help Support the Next Generation of Biodynamic Farmers

2014 NABDAP Apprentice Graduation

With your support, we have trained more than sixty aspiring biodynamic farmers in our North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program (NABDAP), with forty-five currently enrolled and twenty-three graduates. Every day we receive inquiries from more aspiring biodynamic farmers who wish to undertake this training. To further this work—bring more apprentices into the program, offer biodynamic classroom courses in more regions of North America, and launch a new series of interactive coaching calls for mentors and apprentices—we need to raise $25,000 by the end of 2015. Can you make a gift to support this next generation of biodynamic farmers? Find out more.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at the annual EcoFarm Conference in Pacific Grove, CA: During this full-day workshop we will deeply engage in the biodynamic approach to the art of composting. We will cover all of the practical and technical details, including sourcing materials, building and turning piles, and working with the biodynamic preparations. We will also explore how we can develop a qualitative understanding of the dynamic processes in the compost pile, and consider the significance of compost in the whole farm organism. Online registration is now open.

Education and Wisdom at Regional Biodynamic Gatherings

By Cache Stone Hunter (Nov. 11): This year I was fortunate enough to attend three in a series of four biodynamic workshops in Colorado and Nebraska as an apprentice in the North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program. In July we gathered at Meadowlark Hearth, where Beth and Nathan Corymb are growing and saving seeds for the future, in addition to milking, and cultivating vegetables. Here we explored the spirit of the plants, reproduction, the various gestures and roles of different plant families, and some projective geometry exercises. Read more.

Managing an Organization Like a Biodynamic Farm

By Thea Maria Carlson (Kosmos, Nov. 3): A commercial industrial farm is a machine, but a biodynamic farm is a living organism. Guided by ecological, ethical and holistic principles, biodynamic farmers work to bring all the elements of their farms — crops, livestock, compost, soils — into right relationship, so that they balance and support each other, creating a self-sustaining whole. The Biodynamic Association is the oldest sustainable agriculture organization in North America, and throughout our 77-year history we have sought the evolutionary edge in farming. We have also questioned how we might manage our nonprofit membership association more like a biodynamic farm — more like a living organism. Read more.

Picture Forming Methods Conference

Wednesday-Sunday, Nov. 18-22, Chicago, IL

This year’s Annual Conference will focus on the theme of “Vitality and Quality as Seen Through Picture Forming Methods: Bridging the Polarity of the Analytical and the Imaginative in the Evaluation of Food, Soil, and Water.” This meeting, co-sponsored by the Biodynamic Association, is open to anyone. Special guests include Maria Olga Kokornaczyk, who has been working for Demeter in Italy assessing qualities of food with the Droplet Evaporation Method. Find out more.

2016 Biodynamic Winter Intensives

The Biodynamic Winter Intensives are two week-long courses for farmers, gardeners, and those seeking a working relationship with the living land. The first week takes place February 7-12 at the Nature Institute and the second February 14-19 at Hawthorne Valley Farm Learning Center, both in in Ghent, NY. Each features renowned biodynamic educators in a dynamic learning environment, including lectures, hands-on experience, inner work, and social activities. These two powerful weeks are designed to build on one another, but may also be taken independently, and are open to all. Find out more.

The Earth — A Global Garden?

2016 International Biodynamic Agriculture Conference, February 3-6, Goetheanum, Dornach, Switzerland

Like the human being everything alive needs protection if it is to develop in a healthy way. It needs to create a boundary between itself and its surroundings without cutting itself off. This is the archetype of a garden. A garden is essentially a place on the earth to which I connect myself personally, a place that I work intensively, care for, observe and enjoy. It is a place which we are continually developing through our devoted activity, in which we bring the various elements and beings into relationship with one another: Earth, water, warmth, plants and animals. Through this evolutionary development becomes possible. Find out more.

2016 North American Biodynamic Conference

The Biodynamic Association is excited to hold our next biennial North American Biodynamic Conference in the Southwest, a region of unique landscapes, climate, agriculture — and for many, spiritual and transformational power. With its many historic sites, museums, and other cultural amenities, Santa Fe is a city that is easy and fun to explore, and it has been rated as one of the most walkable cities in the US.

Located in downtown Santa Fe, the Convention Center echoes Santa Fe's historic adobe architecture, and will allow for both indoor and outdoor conference activities. Discounted rooms will be available at several local hotels, all within walking distance of the Convention Center.

What would you like to see in the 2016 Biodynamic Conference? Please share your ideas to help with our planning.