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Rethinking Agriculture

An Agricultural Odyssey into the Future: Studying Biodynamics at Evergreen State College

By Karen Davis-Brown (April 15, 2014): In Olympia, Washington, amazing things are happening by and for the students of Evergreen State College. With a student body of slightly over 4,000 and a commitment to sustainability and the development of every student’s maximum potential, it is no wonder that is where Sarah Williams is able to offer the course “Student-Originated Studies: Seeds, Beads, Bees and other Biodynamical Processes.”

2014 North American Biodynamic Conference

Please join us for the 2014 North American Biodynamic Conference November 13-16 in Louisville, Kentucky, home to a burgeoning local food movement and close to several exemplary farms. This conference is the foremost event for biodynamic education, networking, and community building on the continent. We hope you can join the hundreds of farmers, gardeners, educators, activists, and interested newcomers who gather for inspiring keynotes, informative workshops, networking, exhibits, entertainment, and organic and biodynamic foods. More information will be posted soon! Find out more....

An Old Farm Gets A New Story: The Alan Chadwick Garden Project

By Blaire Ladd and Ruby Head (March 24, 2014): In the fall of 2012, the old Alan Chadwick Garden Project in Covelo, California changed ownership and landed in the grateful laps of an enthusiastic couple. With bright ideas and a knack for complicated projects, Ruby and Dylan took on the task of stewarding and rejuvenating the historic property. Like a hidden castle in a fairy tale, the land was forgotten, overgrown with blackberries and unkempt with a feral sense of wild. Uncovering the orchard from brambles, repairing infrastructure and increasing soil fertility were the initial tasks. Read more....

Introducing Our New Logo, Name, and Tagline

After more than 25 years with our previous logo, we felt the time was right to create a fresh image to reflect the current work and vision of the Biodynamic Association. Our goal was to create a visual identity that conveys the deeper values and spiritual impulses at the heart of our work — an image that could speak both to newcomers who know nothing about biodynamics, as well as to the long-term practitioners who have studied the esoteric mysteries of biodynamics for decades. Achieving both these goals in one image was not easy, but we are deeply gratified by the result and we hope you are too. Read more....

Biodynamic Initiatives in Mexico

By Sarah Weber (Mar. 11, 2014): In January 2014, I enjoyed an intensive ten days visiting with friends and colleagues in the Mexico biodynamic community, many of whom I originally met when they attended biodynamic courses at C-Dar Lodge Farm in British Columbia, Canada.  With many thanks to the hosts, who organized numerous events,  I was able to learn directly about a range of biodynamic initiatives in Mexico and possibilities and desire for collaboration. One of the first visits was to the orchard and gardens of Ana Luz Zepeda, in the municipality of El Salto, near the large city of Guadalajara. The orchard serves as an oasis in the middle of a low-income, urban-industrial zone.  The land includes avocado trees, other fruit trees, vegetable gardens, bee hives, and fallow areas that may be brought into production in the future. Read more....

Healthy Farms, Healthy Soils, Healthy Food

The Biodynamic Association is pleased to share a draft concept paper outlining a proposed food quality research network: "Healthy Farms, Healthy Soils, Healthy Food: Establishing a Food Quality Research Network in North America." The purpose of the project is to make use of biodynamic insights and testing methods, together with a host of other perspectives and approaches, to enhance our understanding of quality soil and food and what contributes to it. View the concept paper and find out about other Biodynamic Research Development Program activities here.