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Biodynamics Journal

Biodynamics has a long history (since 1941) as one of the preeminent publications on biodynamic farming and gardening in the world. A benefit of membership in the Biodynamic Association, each issue provides a thoughtful collection of articles centered on a theme such as composting, pollinators, horticulture, or GMOs.

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Spring 2015

Available online to members in late April.

Featuring articles on understanding and working with animals from Bruno Follador, Cory Eichman, Jim Fullmer, Steffen Schneider, Dana Burns...and much more!

Fall 2014: Creating Health

Online issues are available for BDA members. Log in to access.

What is health? How can we perceive it? What can we do to foster it?

We asked a number of our 2014 Biodynamic Conference presenters to write on the theme of “Farming for Health.” In some cases these pieces are a complement to their workshop presentations, and in others speak to something entirely new. They responded with a great diversity of perspectives, looking at the biodynamic preparations, medicinal plants, economics, fermentation, pollinators, work movements, seed saving, biography work, the farm organism, anthroposophical medicine...and more. We hope there is something of interest for everyone here.

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Free Preview

Fall 2012:

Is Agriculture Sacred?

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Spring 2014:

The Art of Composting


  • "Nature's Compost," by Henry Baldwin, from Biodynamics Winter 1949
  • "So You Want to Make a Compost Pile," by Peter Escher, from Biodynamics Spring 1957
  • "Anima Mundi," 2007 Biodynamic Conference Keynote, by Alan York, from Biodynamics Summer/Fall 2007

Spring 2013:

Horticulture & Vitalism


  • "Biodynamics in the Past, Present and Future," by Dr. Herbert Koepf, from the 50th anniversary issue of Biodynamics, Spring 1989

Fall 2013:

Lessons from the Bees


  • "The Art of Beekeeping," Parts II, III, and IV, by Paul Marshall Allen, from Biodynamics Spring 1946 - Spring 1947
  • "Beekeeping — Ancient Art and Modern Crisis," by Gunther Hauk, from Biodynamics Fall 1990
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Editorial Information

Submissions are welcome and appreciated: articles, book reviews, event overviews, photographs, art, and more. Please contact the editor, Rebecca Briggs, at to discuss your ideas and find out about timelines. 

For reprint or translation requests, please email


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If you have questions about your membership status, would like to change your mailing address or other information, or did not receive an issue, please contact Lucy Saunders, our membership coordinator, at or (262) 649-9212 x2. If you're having trouble accessing your online benefits, please see our For Members page.


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