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Biodynamics Journal

Biodynamics has a long history (since 1941) as one of the preeminent publications on biodynamic farming and gardening in the world. A benefit of membership in the Biodynamic Association, each issue provides a thoughtful collection of articles centered on a theme such as composting, pollinators, horticulture, or GMOs.

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Spring 2015:

Who Are the Animals?

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Integrating animals into the farm organism is a key principle of biodynamics. As simple as that concept may seem at first glance, there are many layers. The farmer or gardener strives for a balance of domestic animals, crops, and wild animals and vegetation, with the goal of making the organism as ecologically healthy and self-sustaining as possible. This integration helps to develop a coherent, holistic “individuality.”

The principle itself does not dictate how this balance can be created in any particular farm or garden, as the farmer or gardener, as part of this organism, needs to observe and sense the dynamics and interactions of their own unique land. Whatever your scale or situation, we hope this issue provides helpful insights.

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Fall 2013:

Lessons from the Bees

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Fall 2013:

Lessons from the Bees


  • "The Art of Beekeeping," Parts II, III, and IV, by Paul Marshall Allen, from Biodynamics Spring 1946 - Spring 1947
  • "Beekeeping — Ancient Art and Modern Crisis," by Gunther Hauk, from Biodynamics Fall 1990
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Spring 2014:

The Art of Composting


  • "Nature's Compost," by Henry Baldwin, from Biodynamics Winter 1949
  • "So You Want to Make a Compost Pile," by Peter Escher, from Biodynamics Spring 1957
  • "Anima Mundi," 2007 Biodynamic Conference Keynote, by Alan York, from Biodynamics Summer/Fall 2007



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