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Biodynamics has a long history (since 1941) as one of the preeminent publications on biodynamic farming and gardening in the world. A benefit of membership in the Biodynamic Association, each issue provides a thoughtful collection of articles centered on a theme such as spirit of place, farming and health, composting, or pollinators.

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Spring 2016 Biodynamics 


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Fall 2015: Spirit of Place

What does it mean to practice biodynamics in North America?

What is “spirit of place”? It can have so many connotations and inspire so many different visions in different people. It allows for openness and the freedom to understand it in your own way in your own place. You can look at it with a practical eye: what is tangible and objective (like characteristics of the landscape, flora and fauna, or the human community in an area)? You can also consider it more qualitatively: what is the “character” or “soul” of a place? Concepts like terroir seem to get at this more unmeasurable, inexpressible aspect. Of course, “spirit” can also connote a very literal spiritual or sacred element. Often all these layers are inextricably intertwined into one understanding of the spirit of place.

The articles in this issue, as a whole, touch on all these layers. Each author brings his or her own perspectives and images to what it means to live and practice biodynamics in a particular part of North America. While we can provide only some snapshots of the vast continental reality, we hope that all the voices, with their differences and commonalities, come together to create some sense of what “America” means—what we know and need to learn, our opportunities and constraints, the things we share as a community, and the differences we should recognize. We hope this is fodder for continuing discussion.



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Fall 2013:

Lessons from the Bees

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Spring 2015:

Who Are the Animals?

Supplemental articles:

  • Integrating Animal Husbandry in Sustainable Low Impact Farming
  • Letting Animals Do the Work
  • Understanding the Cow: Aspects Relating to the Nature of the Bovine Animal
  • My Way to Look at Chickens

Spring 2014:

The Art of Composting


  • "Nature's Compost," by Henry Baldwin, from Biodynamics Winter 1949
  • "So You Want to Make a Compost Pile," by Peter Escher, from Biodynamics Spring 1957
  • "Anima Mundi," 2007 Biodynamic Conference Keynote, by Alan York, from Biodynamics Summer/Fall 2007



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