Wednesday, November 16, 2016 -
9:00am to 4:00pm


Bus leaves from Santa Fe Convention Center

Event Description


** Event is SOLD OUT **

Presented in collaboration with Demeter USA.

The Demeter Biodynamic Farm Standard was originally created following Rudolf Steiner’s Agricultural lectures and has been continuously maintained for more than ninety years through a democratically administered coalition of Demeter organizations throughout the world. It is a comprehensive agronomic standard that views the farm as a living organism: self-contained, self-regulating, in tune with the cycles of nature. Here in the USA the Demeter Farm and Processing Standard provides the marketplace definition of Biodynamic for commercial farms and products. The intention of this workshop is to provide a comprehensive and practical overview of the Farm Standard, which is organized around seven interrelated principles:

1) Biodiversity
2) On-Farm Fertility
3) On-Farm Weed and Pest Control
4) Biodynamic Preparations and Wider Influences
5) Water and Waterway Conservation
6) Integration of Livestock
7) Gentle Post Harvest Handling

The workshop will be held at the vibrantly beautiful Demeter-certified ​​Abiquiu Valley Farm, and led by Demeter Co-Director Jim Fullmer and Abiquiu ​Farm Manager Cesar Barrionuevo. Whether you are a farmer curious about certification, a gardener just wanting to learn more, or someone who is interested in supporting the development of the most nutritious and delicious food that is good for people and for our planet, you won’t want to miss this fascinating day.

Registration includes bus transport departing from the Santa Fe Convention Center.

The workshop fee does not include meals. If you would like a boxed lunch, please sign up for Wednesday lunch or the Wednesday - Sunday meal package when you register.