Join the Biodynamic Association Team

Do you have passion for fundraising, communications, and evaluation? Or for organization, attending to detail, and supporting administrative aspects? We're hoping to welcome two individuals to join our geographically-distributed staff team beginning May 1, 2020. Applications will be reviewed and interviews will be scheduled on a rolling basis beginning Wednesday, April 1.

See full details about the full-time Fundraising, Communications, and Evaluations position and the part-time Administrative Support position, as well as find out more about working for the BDA and how to apply.

Contact Us

Mail: PO Box 557, East Troy, WI 53120 (contact individual staff for specific mailing information)

Telephone: (262) 649-9212 (see below for individual extensions)

Rebecca Briggs 

Communications, Website, and Media 

Eugene, OR (link sends e-mail) | x3

Thea Maria Carlson

Executive Director 

Santa Rosa, CA (link sends e-mail) | x5

Sophie D'Anieri

Spanish Language Communications, Scholarships, and Conference Children's Education

Des Moines, IA (link sends e-mail) | x15

Kaitlin Downs

Conference Workshops, Business Partner Support, and Community Connections

Milwaukee, WI (link sends e-mail) | x9

Raphael Guzman

Biodynamic Education and Conference Volunteer and Special Events Organizer

Portland, OR (link sends e-mail) x13

Zachary Krebs


Eugene, OR

John-Scott Legg 

Biodynamics Journal Editor

Chatham, NY (link sends e-mail)

Anna McAvoy-Emrick

Finances and Operations

Holt, MI (link sends e-mail) | x4

Anthony Mecca

Farmer Training

Hillsdale, NY (link sends e-mail) | x14

Penny Molina

Business Relationships

Brooklyn, WI (link sends e-mail) | x7

Tonya Taylor

Conference, Fundraising, and Membership

Warrenton, NC (link sends e-mail) | x2

Sarah Weber

Research Program, Bridging the Americas Initiative

Squamish, BC (link sends e-mail) | x10