Saturday, November 19, 2016


Santa Fe Convention Center

Event Description

In the face of ever more toxic and pervasive threats to the health of the planet we need to draw on diverse sources of wisdom to create an effective spiritual practice that will support the continuity of biological life on Earth. Drawing on both European and American wisdom streams this workshop will share spiritual pathways that any farmer or gardener can draw on to bring a spiritual dimension to their work. Our ideas about the environment have expanded greatly over the last century, but they need to expand even more into the deeper formative dimensions of the natural world. We must deepen and broaden what we mean by “working with the land.”

- Cultural Origins of the Western Mystery Tradition

- Healing Our Relationship to the Earth

- Meditating the Tree of Life into the World

- Pathways for Remediating the Presence of Radiation

- Finding How the Christ Works in the Western Hemisphere

- Open Topic, per interest of attendees