Brad is a biodynamic farmer turned teacher at the High Mowing School in Wilton New Hampshire. He has been experimenting with farmers markets and gardening in the central coast of California, Ohio and Indiana for the past eighteen years. He first encountered Rudolph Steiners' agriculture lectures while tending a vineyard in the Midwest. From there he relocated with his family to southern New Hampshire into a Social and Therapeutic Community. This included raising vegetables, livestock and hand milking cows as part of a day program that centered on the importance of a rhythmical life. During this time he received training in Europe on the social art of homemaking. After six years, he transitioned into running a biodynamic CSA on the grounds of the High Mowing campus.

In 2011 Brad became a full time faculty member, integrating gardening and farming into the science curriculum of the school. He is especially committed to moving towards trimester learning experiences: immersive programs that stress the necessity for young people to create enduring works on the land. This innovative land based trimester program engages 9-12th grades from across the United States and over nine countries. Students and apprentices work together on tending to three acres of gardens and four greenhouses that supply the boarding school with biodynamically raised vegetables. This year, students will be milling and constructing small scale timber frame structures that will surround the gardens for self sufficient housing. These practical work endeavors, interwoven with the humanities program, allow adolescents to encounter developmentally appropriate social and emotional issues. More than ever, there is a deep need for young people to a make time for a meaningful personal relationship with their natural environment. Within that relationship, there is a safe place for hearts to open.