Friday, November 16, 2018



Event Description

By using concepts and practices derived from biodynamic agriculture, nurseries of all scales can evolve into using more sustainable and much healthier growing methods. Commercial nurseries often use cocktails of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, artificial growth regulators, and unsustainably harvested, sterile container mix ingredients to produce plants for home gardens and commercial landscapes. While many farmers have transitioned into biodynamic/organic approaches, nurseries have been slower to evolve because of the unique challenges presented by growing plants in containers. In this workshop, novel practices that can be used on a small or large scale will be presented that produce vigorous, balanced nursery plants that better adapt to garden conditions. Areas covered will include the making and use of special brews and ferments for enhanced plant vigor, and how to make "vegetablized" mineral and metal solutions that quickly increase root and foliage health. Sustainable and specially enlivened soil mix ingredients will be covered, as will fertilization methods for container plants. Use of the biodynamic preparations in this approach will be discussed, along with the concepts of viewing a nursery as a living organism.​ ​



Workshop Session A