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Past Issues of Biodynamics - Tables of Contents

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Spring 2013: Horticulture & Vitalism (member access - full issue, table of contents)

Fall 2012: Is Agriculture Sacred? (free preview issue)

Spring 2012: Biodynamics as Alchemy (member access - full issue)

Fall 2011: Biodynamics & GMOs (member access - full issue)

Summer 2011: Biodynamics in Central and South America (member access - full issue)

Spring 2011: Urban Agriculture 

Winter 2011: Biodynamic Community

Fall 2010: Earth Healing

Summer 2010: Raw Milk

Spring (Winter) 2010: The Biodynamic Preparations (table of contents)

Fall 2009: Farm-Based Education (table of contents)

Summer 2009: Envisioning the Future (table of contents)

Spring 2009: Preserving the Farm (table of contents)

Winter 2009: Biodynamics and the Environment (table of contents)

Fall 2008: Opportunities for New Farmers and Gardeners (table of contents)

Summer 2008: Research (table of contents)

Spring 2008: Associative Economics and Community Supported Agriculture (table of contents)

Winter 2008: Biodynamic Agriculture Past, Present, and Future — 70th Anniversary of the Association (table of contents)

Fall 2007: Commemoration of Herbert H. Koepf (table of contents)

1941-2007: The Association is grateful to the efforts of Steve Solomon of the Soil and Health Library and other committed individuals for making historical copies of the Biodynamics journal available online. Please see this section of the Soil and Health Library to find out more. Access is free, but a one-time donation is encouraged and will help to support the library's efforts.