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Getting to know each otherHosting a BING meetup is a great way to bring people together, explore the questions that matter to you, build your biodynamic community and our international network.

A meetup can be as simple as three people getting together for an hour or two -- or as big as a multi-day gathering with 70 participants.

Interested in hosting? Here's how:

  1. Download our guide, How to host a bing meetup for step-by-step instructions for planning and hosting a meetup, and look at our list of questions you might focus on in your meetup.
  2. After you set a time and place for your meetup, and send an email to to tell us what you're planning. Let us know if you'd like us to post your event on our website, facebook, and/or e-news
  3. At your meetup, have your guests sign in, take at least one photo of the everyone who comes, and one or more photos of the harvest from your conversation. More pictures are great!
  4. After your event, send your photos and sign in sheets to along with answers to these 3 questions:
    • What went well with your meetup?
    • What you would do differently next time?
    • What can BING do to make it easier for others to host meetups?

We'll share your photos and harvest with the rest of the BING network to inspire more conversations, and the first ten people to host BING meetups will also receive a $50 stipend!

Questions? Contact Thea at or 262.649.9212 x5

For more on hosting techniques and processes, check out these resources:

If you have other resources you find valuable for hosting, please share them in the comments below.