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dirtywhitehorse said:

I wish i could have lisened to this but the teck was beyond me.. my journey started many years ago in the early 90s at Hugh Lovels conference and before that with Harvey Lyle.such a long lovely journey it seems to me my tribe but a very ecentric tribe still feels more like family than any  think I ever met. I rarely get to participate but still engage those willing to show up in my world and show them the magic Thank You Jeff for you Aries being full of  wonderful words ..you are my personally favorite as a Libra .

dirtywhitehorse said:

I wanted to just add the magic of biodynamics in my opinion is the preps in the pile and even though I no longer make or use the preps after 30 years they still manifest here with no need tro spray or use any preps now.I love to give a walnut size  ball of compost from my piile full of the Magic from an unturned pileas part of a honmestead tour  while the USDA bans me even selling my compost and promotes requires turning it to "kill weeds"( utter ignorance) .I have always opposed cafo waste products being allowed in organics and now we have not only MiricleGrow bagged organic mix full of cafo waste  for raised beds but ALSO Milorganite human sludge as ok to use in your garden ..I am tired of competing with big ag to earn an income and being required to show up to compete at farmers market ..I just stopped and started a "Friends of the Gardens "program " to try and engage my local community on a smallscale only .

My husband said we have to wait till stores close to get anyone interested in really supporting a farm by physically showing up and helping ..Thanks for allowing me to express by opion after being raised on  self sufficient farm with geman imigrants and watching that world melt.

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