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The purpose of this forum is to coordinate ride and room sharing for the 2012 North American Biodynamic Conference.

Please do not reply to this post. Instead, please reply to one of the other four posts in this forum depending on the nature of your offer or request (you can also start a new topic):

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I will be arriving in Milwaukee the afternoon of Friday 11/16 and leaving via Milwaukee Sunday around 4pm.


Looking for ride to and from; happy to help pay for gas.



Would be interested in sharing a ride, happy to help with gas!

Will you be coming through Kansas City?  I'm registered for Thursday.  Can we work something out?

Looking for any ride! I am coming in from South America. I hope to fly to the east coast, Washington DC or NYC area. I need rides to and or from the conference. Come on east coast farmers! Someone must be driving west. I promise only 1 backpack and a big purse, I can squeeze in almost anywhere. I am also hoping to get transportation help when i am in Wisconsin, as I will not have a car or any other form of transport.

I'll be driving from Kansas City on Tuesday.  Interested in catching a ride and sharing gas?