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Basalt Rock dust

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Matt Hartinger
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Basalt Rock dust

I am trying to find a source for Basalt rock dust. I am making BC. I can't find a source in the United States.

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basalt rock dust

there are quarries in missouri (we have heard) and another one by dresser, WI -- dresser trap rock was what it was called. we got some there years ago that we are still using. i doubt they ship or anything but we had someone scoop some up for us and bring it to us, though it was much closer for us than you.

best of luck.

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Joined: 01/21/2012 - 11:19am, they also ship.


I picked some up at the Weldon Quarry in Watchung, NJ.  Not all fines as above, but I was passing by and they are practically giving it away.

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