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Biodynamic Internship at a 5-Star Eco-Lodge in Peru

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Biodynamic Internship at a 5-Star Eco-Lodge in Peru

Buenos Dias,
I hope peace is in your heart.

I'm loving here at The Way Inn Lodge, perched just above Huaraz Peru. I am heading the Permaculture part of this up and coming sustainable community. We could use a Permaculture expert and a couple of experienced gardening hands to get our permaculture projects well under way. We have experience with short-term volunteers in the past, and have since decided to ask that volunteers commit to a one month stay (which will probably turn out to be a three-year stay, seeing how pure and pristine this mountain paradise is).

Interns are welcome to learn and work in the garden for 6hours a day 6 days a week, 6X6 = 36; a pretty auspicious number if you ask me.

Peace light and love upon your path


nadine lew
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how do we contact you?

hi, i wanted to discuss your internship opportunity, but could not find your contact information. could you respond to nlew0908@gmail.com, please?




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