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Roomshare Needed!

Hello I am looking for a roomshare situation! I may have my dog with me, so it makes it a bit tricky but Motel6 allows pets and is only $55 a night for 4 people, so that would be 13.75 a night, not bad. My dog is super clean and easy to be around.  There are 3 Motel6's within 15 to 20 mins from conference. Anyone interested? I am also open to any other options that anyone may know of! The reason my dog is with me is that I am heading cross country from NY, stopping in WI for the conference and then heading on west to CA. So if someone needs a ride that way after the conference that is also on offer!


Hi, Holly,

I would be interested in sharing a room with you.  I have to be there Wednesday night, because I am scheduled to help with registration on Thursday morning at 9:00 am.

I have three dogs, so dogs don't bother me.  :-) 

Let me know if this will work.  Have a great weekend!

Lynn DeBuhr Johnson

Swea City Iowa


Aloha Holly, I am open to share a room, Wed night thru Sunday a.m., if having a guy there is ok. I am currently staying with a friend that has an animal rescue center, 5 dogs & 5 cats sleep in the house, not to mention other 50-60 animals in other shelters on the land; animals are BEings too! L'iv liv@liveloveandprosper.org 971.221.6039

Hi again, Holly,

I just realized that I didn't give you any information to contact me.  I guess you could reply back via this forum.  If you would like to contact me, my phone number is 515-341-4317, and my e-mail is lynn@feedingyourhealth.com.

Have a great week!


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