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Lunar Nodes

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Lunar Nodes

Hello fellow bd farmers,

I have a question about the lunar nodes, the two times each month when the moon's orbit crosses the ecliptic (the plane on which which the earth rotates around the sun) and changes from ascending to descending or vice versa. A few sources I've come across recommend not performing any agricultural work on node days.

I somewhat understand that during a solar eclipse (when the moon is both in conjunction with the sun and at a nodal point, ie all three bodies are in a line on the same plane with the moon in the middle) there could be some negative effect because the suns light and warmth energy is physically impeded by the presence of the moon. I don't understand, however, why at all other nodal days of the year, bd calendars and other sources recommend against soil work.


My question is: Why not do ag work on node days?

Here is a great video to help visualize the moons orbit around the earth with respect to the ecliptic.





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luna nodes

Shane, The general reccomendation I have received is that the two hours prior and post crossing are the avoid times.(Thun calender)  I usually try to find other chores to do during those intervals until the moon moves well into the next sign.  While some chaos is required(see the agriculture course) it seems that the nodes are particularly disturbing energeticely. Hope this brief statement helps a little.


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