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Please reply to this thread if you have a room you are willing to share. If you include a phone number or email address it will be easier for others to contact you about your post.


We are looking for two girls to potentially share a room with us during the conference. We are both from traveling from Austin, arriving Thursday and departing Sunday. 

We are young, friendly and in need of two friends to share the cost of a hotel room! 

Thank you,

Elizabeth Sorrell and Ani Hanelius 

Hi, I'm also a young female, I'll be travelling by myself driving from Oklahoma and I'll be in Madison Tuesday-Sunday.  I am hoping to find younger ladies to share a room with, at least for a few of the days!  I have made a post in the "roomshares wanted" section too.  If you can't find a group of two girls to share, I'd be happy to be a third for you! Let me know if you'd like to get in touch directly and talk about logistics...

Sarah Warmker

i have a room fri & sat nites. need 1 female non smoker to share cost. email: karen55663@yahoo.com

Hi I am coming from NY and am also looking for a room for the 3 days at least. I have a dog with me so I was thinking to get a room at motel 6 since they take dogs. We could all share a big room and split the price? My dog is super clean, easy and friendly.


gardnerholly@hotmail.com 518-859-0120

Hello, I have a room reserved at the Hilton and would like a female roommate.  There are 2 double beds in the room.  Can walk to the sessions.  I will be attending the FBEIBA pre-conference (by bus) so will have the room Tues-Sat nights.  I am the gardening teacher at the Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor and would love to share the room with another who teaches children about gardening!

Contact me at clarsen@steinerschool.org

Thanks, Celia

My friend Betty asked me to post that she has a room at the Sheraton and would like to share it with another woman for Thursday through Saturday nights. Betty has been involved with spiritual, environmental and other good works for many years. You can reach her at 262-637-3119. She doesn't use computers much. Thank you!

Looking for a female to share my double room at the Sheraton Thurs-Sat nights. 218-353-7374 (home) or email melinda@organicconsumers.org. I'm a 32-year old from northern MN, looking to share a room to save money and meet an interesting new person at the conference. I work for the Organic Consumers Assoc. I am also an environmental educator and spent 4 summers managing a small vegetable CSA.

Hello Melinda

I am looking to share a room, and also arrive Thursday and will leave Saturday.  I am a 29 year old woman, I live in Corte Madera, California, just North of San Francisco.  I've been living in Colorado for the last few years, and that is where I became acquianted with BD, working on various farms in the Western Slope region of CO.  Do you have any idea of how much it will be? You are also welcome to call me 831-359-1170.

~Molly Moore

I am looking for a room share situation for the conference starting Tuesday or Wednesday through Sunday.  I am the founder/operator of Sedona AZ first farmers market now in its 5th year, www.sedona-farmers-market.com, am a guest speaker at NAU in the global sustainability department on community based sustainable agriculture, work with U of A Dpt of Agriculture to provide education for growers.  The market has built many partnerships with organizations with the goal of creating a local food hub. I started a non-profit that creates sustainability education events and I also am a licensed realtor.   Would like a female room mate.   I am there to attend the conference and also visit my daughter who is in her 2nd year of college.  Thanks,  Katrin  (928) 821-1133  

I have a double room at the Sheraton Wed - Sat.  Looking for female to share the cost.  $65 a night per person (includes tax).  5 minute walk to conference.  Thanks!   Katrin (928) 821-1133  sedonamarket@gmail.com 

sorry, room filled

Offering a room share for Wedn, Thurs, Friday - it's $65 a night.   Katrin 928-821-1133 or sedonamarket@gmail.com  Thanks!

Roomshare at Shearton for three nights. Call Sam at 505-577-2944. Don't reply to this email. Thanks.

I have a room with two double beds. Want to share with one other woman. Room is reserved from Nov 13,14,15th... Your half $70 per night.
Please send an email if interested to: