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RE: new biodynamic research calendar

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RE: new biodynamic research calendar

My name is John Bach and I have develolped a research-based biodynamic planting calendar. I am of the belief that there needs to be more reasearch into the different aspects of biodynamics in generaral, and that one of the best ways to bring about this research is through a planting calendar where the users of the calendar are also the participants in its research. In this way, a wide group of people from a wide range of climactic and soil diversity can conduct research and through the diversity and breadth of the trials conducted, a reliable model of what works and does not work in biodynamics can be developed over time. The future direction the calendar takes will be dictated by the results of its research. The calendar will always be free via e-mail to anyone who wants it. 

This year's theme is to explore the effect of lunar rhythms (waxing-waning phases) as indicated by Rudolf Steiner in the Ag course with trigons, as indicated by Maria Thun. The research involves  a total of six sets of planting trials. The first set of three trials (Jan, Feb, March) are windowsill plantings ( 24 seeds total for each trial), where the growth of plants is investigated over a 30 day period. The second set of three trials (April, May, June also 24 seeds total for each trial) begins with seeds planted indoors for 30 days and then planted-out to full maturity after. Seeds will be planted 2-3 days before a full moon on a non-corresponding trigon day (leaf,root,fuit,flower) and then the same crop will be planted on the corresponding trigon day 2-3 days before a waning moon. The height and weight of the plants is recorded. The vegtables used in the trial are: lettuce, radishes, beets and bush beans. Full details of planting times, data collection and rationale are included in the calendar. Please e-mail me at jbbach1@yahoo.ca and I will e-mail the calendar and an essay I wrote on the topic.

Participants do not need to partake in all of the trials for the data to be of value (i.e.- if you download the calendar in March, you can still participate in the remaining trials and then forward the data to me.)



John Bach







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Hi John

I'm interested and will put the word about. 



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