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Biodynamic farming in Chile: Partners, Co-workers, all crops

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Biodynamic farming in Chile: Partners, Co-workers, all crops

I have the idea to relocate to Chile and look for land to be developed using biodynamic methods. A small 20 - 50 acre farm with possibilities to expand. I am looking for people who are willing to learn Spanish and educate possible workers and interested wider community members in Biodynamic methods. I would expect to grow a variety of crops for the market as well as extensive gardening for personal use. In my limited research there are many possibilities primarily due to the Mediterranean climate in much of Chile's agricultural regions; and the Chilean government is particularly open to having foreigners relocate there to start businesses of all types.

Some exposure to the works of Rudolf Steiner are necessary as they are the foundation of biodynamics.

I look forward to starting the dialogue and hearing from you.

Sterling Latimer

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BioDynamic Farm in Chile

Hi Sterling,

I am Chile right now and I already started looking at parcels of land to purchase in region 7 (Maule).

Would like to know what region of chile you plan to settle into, and what else you had in mind as far as the collaboration part of the project?

What time frame are looking at to come down to Chile? And what is your 5 year plan?

What crops do you plan on growing? And what is your experience in Biodynamic farming? Or farming in general?

I speak, read, write spanish fluently.

Hope to hear from you soon.

William H.

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