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understanding powdery mildew

i desperately would like to understand powdery mildew from a biodynamic perspective. all of the information on the internet seems geared at what fungicide to use, and differing opinions on how PM lives and works. of coarse all from a materialistic view.
i for the first time am dealing with PM on my indoor containers this winter. no, i never got around to applying BD508 before the problem, and using 508 now seems to do nothing as far as keeping the PM from spreading. so far i have only used fresh 508 as foliar spray, i have some fermenting now and should be ready (stinky) any day now to spray on soil. JPI told me that the fermented 508 should work as far as spread prevention but i am curious if it will totally eliminate further outbreaks. i have tried other natural remedy's but nothing seems to touch it. it is amazing how hard it is to get rid of.
i am wondering if it is possible to totally eliminate the PM from an infected plant. i guess i should have said that i am growing annuals not perennials?
if anyone reading this has some good info on PM PLEASE feel free to contribute.

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my 2 bits

So what does the powdery mildew tell you about yourself? It has found you, your plants are creating a relationship for several reasons. Often times when issues arise for me, they are telling me I am doing to much and I have not the adequate foundation built for what I am trying to do.

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thank you for response

thank you for response. not sure if it helps but sure do appreciate. actually i am doing about the same or less than i usually do. recently moved into this new home/farm that i am growing indoors at. so lots of factors are different than i am used to. but i have never had PM indoors before, it is shocking how hardy this disease is.
i wish i new what the PM was telling me but i am just not that in tune with plants yet, but working on it always;)

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Find anything?

Brad, did you find anything on this?

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no i unfortunately have not

no i unfortunately have not gotten any farther with my understanding of powdery mildew. i still am battling it indoors, but i have had good fortune dealing with it outside. i still would like to learn from a biodynamic perspective about this disease. all info online is definitely not what i am looking for. i should probably look a little closer to the The agriculture coarse on this. i have read it twice but can't remember anything specific.
i have been spraying 508 at least twice a week (fresh tea) and watered fermented 508 couple times but still am fighting it. i have even added some BC to the spray.
it is very frustrating to be fighting this for almost a year now, different plants but same area.
any inputs on this are very welcome

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Hi Brad
Your main problem is your farming indoors, most probably under lights, sodium or metal halide or nowadays LEDs. Indoor grow operations suffer many disadvantages: poor air circulation, unbalanced humidity, temperature fluctuations, intense heat and many others. Sunlight is most important to all living things and no matter what light you are using it cannot mimic actual sunlight. Consider that sunlight contains the whole periodic table, in minute quantities, and much more... If you are growing food or medicine, the products your producing lack many things, hence the reason they are under attack. I know from working on a large vineyard that even powdery mildew is not well understood by conventional agriculture. 508 (fermented) can be of great help, so can 501, but the biggest hindrance will be lack of sunlight. Are you spraying 501 regularly? That doesn't mean your out of luck though...you can even try applications of some of the compost preps (oak bark, nettle, etc.) When stirred and sprayed they can be very effective so don't rule them out and if you are using 508, ferment and stir for an hour before you spray. I wouldn't even dilute it with water, just spray it straight up if your going to continue to farm indoors. But thoroughly consider your biggest problem is lack of outdoor exposure. The sun is your good friend, in fact anthroposophically speaking it is your creation. Try exposing the plants, even if only for a little while to some sunlight? Also don't rule out your own mind, probably the most effective prep. Also it would help to know some more: What plant(s) are you growing?, each plant has its own gesture, so reading the gesture can give you a lot of insight as to why this is happening, what medium are you using, soil, hydroponics, aquaponics...If soil where is it from? If using any compost where is it from, what is it made with? Has it been treated with any compost preps? There are many variables to consider... Hope this helps, good luck!

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powdery Mildew

Brad, seems you have not had much response to your request.
I am looking into this topic at present and so might be able to stir your enquiry some.
Seems to me there is some confusion as to the processes behind the appearance of PM. There is the indications in lecture 5 ( re Oak Bark ) and lecture 6, in which Equisetum is indicated for fungus. But which type? Both of these references describe a situation where there is far too much moisture coming from 'below' in the soil, which pushes off the incoming astrality. The Oak Bark seeks to pull this excess moon activity to the soil, while the Equisetum is suggested to push it into the soil. Hence the common belief of Eq is bringing in the astrality to balance the upward moisture. The only problem is - is PM a problem caused by excess moisture? The books tell us it is a hot dry disease. So it seems to me dec 5 and 6 are describing rotting fungus.........
RS suggests we examine the way Eq. works with the human kidney for an more exact image of how this is working. This is quite a study, and somewhat challenging and confusing, if we stay within the simple, 'growth and differentiation' of many BD world views. Which might be why there is no literature addressing this subject.
The medical literature provides several insights into this Eq. kidney story. see 'The Healing Processes' 1923-24 for several indications. These tell the story of an overly active Nerve Sense pole - as one of several stimuli - pushing into the metabolism and replacing the activity of the internal astral function within in the kidneys, which in turn then can not activate the etheric activity there, so the kidney function reduces. Eq. reactivates the internal astrally in the metabolism, to stimulate the internal etheric, which then pushes back the the nerves sense Spirit and Astral activity. - for a Ag course reference to this story see lec 4 , where RS talks of cow manure and horns. So we can see some similarity to the lecture 6 story of Head /Soil activity being pushed upwards into the Metabolic zone, however in the human it is not an excessive 'water' activity, but an excessive light, Astral / nervous activity causing the problem.
'The search' becomes somewhat more confused when we notice RS talks in the 23-24 lectures a lot about the role of his artificial Eq. - Bidor remedy as a solution for Migraine - which is characterised as an overly active metabolic process , causing inflammation and pushing into the head region. Here this suggests again that the internal Astral and more so the Spirit has lost control of the metabolic etheric processes, which then become rampant and causes inflammation, which pushes into the head. Here the aim is to stimulate the internal astrally and Spirit to control the 'free' metabolic etheric activity. In both cases it is the stimulation of the internal Astrality, that is being used to 'solve the problem. But are these stories related to Powdery Mildew?
There is another approach to fungus presented in 1921 April lecture 5 http://wn.rsarchive.org/Lectures/Dates/19210415a01.html(link is external) and this describes fungal attack as an overly strong World 'astral' movement, which seems to have more relevant indications for PM. My trials on this approach have been good so far.
The simple inward moving above and outward moving below interpretation of Biodynamics, does not adequately cope with these stories. Once we take the lecture 8 pictures seriously and appreciate the working of the Physical Formative forces described as Cosmic force, Cosmic Substance, Earthly Forces and Earthly Substance, we have a framework for approaching this discussion. Eq, becomes a preparation for stimulating the Cosmic Substance. This then can play a role in pushing off the World Astral intrusion, suggested by PM. But there can surely be more we can do to push off the World Astrality .........

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