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Some of the feedback from last conference:

"The whole conference was so uplifting, inspiring, nurturing, and 'learning.' Sense of community, getting to know many across the country, all involved in this agricultural movement of the future, truly spiritual seeds for the future of mankind."

"I had a magnificent time. It was a pleasure to be around such positive and energetic people. Everyone was warm and open. That is a rare thing that I hope to be involved with everyday. I am happy and grateful I had the oppurtunity to attend."






"Best conference I've been to. Great energy, schedule, people. Excellent!"

"Very different than other farming and gardening conferences I've attended. At the end something was strongly living in me. I experienced myself creating ties between speakers, themes, workshops, events, and experienced whole pictures instead of fragmented parts. I also felt very inspired by the conference energy and future gesture."






"I have never been to a conference where everyone that I met came from their hearts so fully. It was great to be around so many like-minded people."

"The conference (my first) was an eye opener! I loved it! The keynote speakers/speeches were excellent. The dynamics of the conference were palpable. There was so much positive energy flowing all around. I met some really wonderful people. Everyone was very helpful. ...As a newbie to this movement, I am honored to have been 'present' for this conference."