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Reflections from 2014 Conference Participants


My wife and I attended as newbies. Overwhelmed by the love and knowledge pouring out of each and every presenter and attendee!! Their passion for growing, life, and God is something I have never experienced at any other conference. Very well organized. See you in Santa Fe.


The Biodynamic Agriculture Conference in Louisville was absolutely wonderful! Young farmers and old shared together in a potent exchange of knowledge, wisdom, and mutual appreciation. The love that arose was true and pure, under the common cause of healing the Earth.


These past days have left me inspired, tired, and something that rhymes with those things ... thank you so much for your work. I had a lot of fun, and I am left with a burning desire to reach out and make some change.


It was such a gift for us to be able to be at the conference and share our work. I have never been in the presence of such an incredibly quiet, present, and open audience ... it was quite spectacular and very humbling.


Fantastic conference, for sure - one great symphony of hearts and minds. Quite rejuvenating.


Congrats on an amazing conference. The organization was stellar, the education and speaker programs were outstanding, and all together it was quite stimulating, as many very dynamic conversations took place that I witnessed.


Congratulations go to the BDA for organizing a first-rate event that featured leading agricultural speakers, cutting-edge topics, incredible networking, and memorable social, culinary, and artistic interludes.