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Application Process


Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 2019 Biodynamic Conference! Pre-conference applications are now closed. If you are interested in supporting the conference as a volunteer, please check-in with Raphael Guzman, Volunteer Co-ordinator, onsite at the volunteer check-in table located at registration, for availability. 

Those who successfully complete all of their assigned volunteer positions, a commitment of 8 hours, will receive a refund for $125 off the price you paid. All refunds will be processed within 30 days following the conference.

If you have any questions about volunteering at the conference, please email Raphael Guzman at (link sends e-mail).


Volunteer Roles and Descriptions


1. Setup/Breakdown Support

Assist with any and all tasks related to the physical setup and breakdown of the conference. Collect, carry, and unpack/pack boxes, hang signage and decorations, and assist with other setup tasks. Duties might include moving and stacking tables & chairs, picking up debris, etc. Please note, volunteers for this position must be available prior to the opening of the conference and/ or all day on the last day of the conference.


2. Registration

Welcome attendees to the conference and prepare them to get the most out of their participation. This will include checking in registrants, distributing materials, answering questions, and generally assisting with registration needs. Note that during peak registration periods, the pace can get quite fast. You might also assist with registration area set up, daily cleaning, and take down.


3. Greeter and Navigator for Registration

Greet attendees and help them find the correct registration line and workshop rooms.


4. Greeter for Meals

Check participant badges for meal codes and take tickets from conference participants for entry to breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Please note volunteers for this position should expect to eat before or after each of their shifts so that they can stay at the door for the entire meal period.


5. BDA Membership and Merchandise Table

Help people feel welcome at the conference and answer questions about the conference and the BDA. Promote BDA membership and answer questions about it. Sell conference shirts and other BDA merchandise, and provide handouts about BDA’s work. Requires some cash handling, basic inventory tracking, and mobile/tablet payment system use.   


6. Morning Movement Assistant

Set up rooms for morning movement sessions and assist instructors as needed.


7. Workshop Room Assistant

Welcome and assist presenters with set up 15 minutes before workshops start, referencing checklist provided. Check that all participants entering the room have name badges and help them find seats, introduce presenter, assist with lighting and AV needs, help moderate questions if needed. If the session is being recorded, remind presenter to speak into the microphone and to repeat any questions that are asked before answering. Give presenter 5-minute ending warning and close the session by thanking presenter. Make any announcements requested before participants leave, return any furniture that has been moved to its original setting, and turn in checklist to the registration table. Please note, volunteers in this position will be assigned to one workshop room for the duration of the conference, and generally need to be available to help throughout the entirety of each workshop session.


8. Children’s Workshop Assistant

Welcome and assist presenters with set up before workshops start. Check that all children entering the room have name badges and help them get settled into the room. Ask presenter how you can best support them during the workshop. This may include helping children with various tasks, escorting children to the restroom, and playing with children. At the end of the workshop, ensure that children remain in the room until picked up by a parent. Once all children have been picked up, assist with cleanup and breakdown.


9. Childcare Assistant

Set up space 30 minutes before childcare starts. Welcome children into the room and help them get settled. Sign in and out all children that enter and leave. Play games, lead activities, and attend to childrens’ needs. At the end of the workshop time, ensure that children remain in the room until picked up by a parent. Once all children have been picked up, assist with cleanup and breakdown.


10. Runner

Help with various tasks as needed, such as checking name badges for room entry, checking meal tickets, escorting guests and presenters, running errands (ideal if you know the area and have your own car), supporting AV needs, providing breaks to vendors and other volunteers, and generally stepping in when an area needs more assistance during heavy traffic times.


11. Evening Support

Provide support in setting up, hosting, and securing evening events. Assisting staff and participants with any needed tasks, potentially late into the evening.