To My Spirited Kin,

I’m writing to share a few thoughts about the astrological context in which we will gather over the internet this weekend.

Just before the day the conference begins, the planet Jupiter, the great Shield of our solar system, joins the planet Pluto in a moment of resonance and consequence. The echos of that moment shall pervade the discussion and consciousness of the conference hopefully bringing most everyone’s spirit into a richer state awareness of the ceremony at hand. 

Let us be a whole and conscious community invested in the regeneration of culture. We are wrapping up our reliance on external authorities to order and shelter us, in these final moments of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn, and preparing for communal turn come December 17th and the year that follows, when Saturn and Jupiter are in Aquarius.

In my eye, this is a positive moment, as it suggests that what is learned over these three days will bring us great returns in the coming winters. For at least, in our converging attention we are bringing forth the material needed to welcome the Spirit of Stewardship, offering our minds as the most fertile ground imaginable today. For we are all in need of a spirit to break through the dryer pieces of our souls with deep roots and, in a flourishing manner, to reach out to receive the richness of the light that comes in waves from the sun. 

The sun signals to us the season we need to ground ourselves in, and under the Scorpio Sun (in the Tropical zodiac) this is the time to break old forms and to deepen consciousness. Where there is sorrow, let it flow, whether beneath the surface or above. Where there is hope, let it spout toward the tallest heights we might imagine. And where there is empathy, let it dance in your blood, let it storm in your heart for a moment, let it resonate from the deep in you- for come Sunday, the 15th, when the moon enters Sagittarius, in the late morning, it will burst forth and it will fill the rest of our month with such sweet purpose.

We are blessed to meet in the happiness of the new moon to Seeding the Spirit of Stewardship. 


Hyperion Çaca Yvaire