Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, and send them forth in freedom.

Rudolf Steiner   


Below one can find a collection of resources categorized by the elemental beings as is spoken of by Rudolf Steiner. 

This page has been created to support families of our community in providing structure and rhythm to the day and for their children during the conference. Each day honors the qualities of the four elemental beings spoken of by Steiner: the gnomes, undines, sylphs, and salamanders. The resources provided are hopfully accessible to most and simple to integrate. Please review them in advance so that you are prepared with the necessary materials and ingredients. And as a reminder, there is no need to do it all! Included below is a verse that can be used to start and ground into the day. I hope you have a sweet time exploring these beings through song, play, art, food, movement, and more!

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Images by Marjan van Zeyl

Daily Verse

five pointed star

I place myself steadfastly into existence

(left foot)

With confidence I tread the path of life

(right foot)

Love I nurse in the core of my being

(left arm to shoulder level)

Hope I lay into all my doing

(right arm to shoulder level)

Confidence I impress into my thinking

(head back slightly - gaze forward)

(Jump into star form 3x)

Rudolf Steiner

Gather Together in Preparation


Additional items for a fall nature table (link is external)

Ingredients for borsch (link is external)

Butternut squash and tea light for a gnome home (link is external)


White crayon and water colors

Ingredients for chai tea latte (link is external)

Epsom salt, essential oils, herbs for a bath (link is external)


Ingredients for ginger molasses cookies (link is external)

Materials for a nature mobile (link is external) (clay not essential)


Rent from the library: Big Night for Salamanders 

Ingredients for a Shakshuka (link is external)

Materials (link is external) for a fire