Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 2020 Biodynamic Conference!

Application Process

Those wishing to volunteer must complete an application in which they share their interest, availability, skills, and conference events they plan to attend. Applicants will receive a notification of acceptance or decline via email. In appreciation for the successful completion all of their assigned volunteer positions, of 6 hours or more during the conference, volunteers will receive a refund for $125 off the price paid for the conference. All refunds will be processed within 30 days following the conference.

Please note that we expect most positions to be assigned shortly after the October 30th deadline.

If you have any questions about volunteering at the conference, please email Raphael Guzman at

Volunteer Role and Duties

Live Chat Support for Workshops

The Live Chat Support Person will be paired with a BDA representative in each session, who will be the live host for the workshop session. In the Live Chat Support role, the support person will be assigned the moniker "Help" in every live session they're supporting and will be responsible for answering technical support questions from participants that arise in the session “chat” messaging feature. Additional duties may include, admitting participants into the session from the waiting room, ensuring that recording is enabled and supporting timekeeping in partnership with the BDA representative in the session. 

Volunteers are responsible for (virtually) sign-in/out of each of their volunteer assignments. Additionally, volunteers must be available and in the session, 30 minutes before the session workshop is scheduled to start and be available for 30 minutes at the conclusion to review any issues. Please note, volunteers in this position will be assigned to one workshop room for the duration of the conference, and need to be available to help throughout the entirety of each workshop session. 

Please see the conference schedule for times.